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As healthcare transitions from a transactional based model to one that is more relational and outcomes focused, you need all the tools you can get to meet those goals.

Beddingfield Drugs is in many ways a multi-faceted instrument to improved outcomes

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Patients face many barriers to improving their health. One of the simplest is taking their medicine. We offer a variety of services and health resources to improve the odds in their favor.

Some include:

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Free Delivery – Transportation and inconvenience are big factors in getting patients to both drop off prescriptions and remember to pick them up. Send your patients’ prescriptions in via eRx, fax, or phone, and rest assured your patients will get them on our daily delivery.

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Medication Synchronization & Medbox Compliance Packaging – Complicated regimens keep patients frustrated and unmotivated. We can place scheduled doses in our pill-box adherence packaging. Our medication synchronization program makes it easier for patients to pick a day each month to pick up all their medicine. For patients with changing regimens or those that require more monitoring, we can send weekly or bi-weekly orders.

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Personalized Service – Our store is well staffed with experienced pharmacists and technicians who can establish a strong working relationship with your patient. We take the time to counsel and reinforce the importance of adherence, offer flexible payment methods, and help patients enroll in patient assistance programs and look for opportunities to reduce healthcare costs.

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Our store is equipped with, a website that helps us to preload prior authorization forms, saving you valuable time by making them easier to complete. We also try to make recommendations for alternatives covered ​on formulary. Oftentimes, patients find it easier to pay out-of-pocket because our pricing is very competitive.

Trust us to make sure your patients get their meds.


As healthcare evolves, pharmacies will be responsible for helping Part D plans meet CMS Star Ratings. Specifically, we are focused on making sure patients stay compliant on their diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol medicines. It’s easy to see how this can correlate to more patients reaching recommend goals of therapy.

We also offer Medication Therapy Management services through Outcomes and Mirixa to ensure select insured patients understand their goals of therapy and reinforce the importance of following prescribed therapies.

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When traditional therapy doesn’t quite cut it, compounding can offer solutions for a custom fit. We feature a full range of services to meet the needs of your practice including hormone replacement treatment through our sister store Holly Park Pharmacy.​

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